m. $H*T!


Annika Gustafson and Phil Jandaly, Bedouin Viking Production; Kibera, Kenya
2012, 3 min 37 sec

Everybody does it – nobody talks about it. $H*T! follows radical solutions that turn human waste into green energy. From the bottom of the poverty ladder to the heights of power, $H*T! shows a transformation in thinking, where human waste is not a problem, it’s a resource. Human waste is a universal reality few want to talk about, but the truth is – it’s a killer. In the West, under-dimensioned and decaying sewage systems leak straight into our basements and rivers. In some places, the system has already collapsed, contaminating water sources so that drinking water has to be trucked in.

Almost 40% of the world’s population have no access to any kind of sanitation. That’s 2.6 billion people who have no choice but to do their business in the open, posing the single largest threat to drinking water and public health on the planet. But what if all that human waste wasn’t a threat? What if it could save the planet?

$H*T! is an international wake-up call for changing our attitudes to how we deal with our own waste. It’s a character driven film that offers solutions who can turn this deadly problem into the resource it is. A resource that can provide energy and clean fertilizer, all while cutting down on fossil fuel and CO2 emissions in the process.