k. Time Bank UK


Media Trust Productions
2008, 4 min

Timebanking has been around in the UK since 1998. Since that point it has witnessed extraordinary growth, being applied to many and varied settings across the public, private and community sectors. And it is not just a UK phenonmenon. The timebanking journey began in the USA, and has now spread to over forty countries in six different continents.

But the coming of age of this movement, timebanking still remains an approach that is far from fully formed. Not a day goes by without timebanking being applied in a new setting, or across a new boundary. No two timebanks of the 250 or so there are in the UK are the same. We are constantly learning about how and why timebanking as a means of exchange can make a difference to society. In many ways we are only just scratching the surface of our understanding and experience of this new way of doing business.