c. Drinking Water Out of Thin Air


5 KSDK.com, Granite Shoals, USA
2011, 1 min 48 sec

Water out of air? A Texas man has invented a machine that does just that, and it’s already caught the eye of some celebrities. “It’s just an awesome machine,” says inventor Terry LeBleu. The drought doesn’t worry him because he’s invented and patented a new machine. It’s called the “Drought Master” and makes drinkable water out of air. “It pulls the air through it, pulls out the moisture, and exhausts the air,” LeBleu says. Depending on humidity, the machine can make between five to seven gallons of pure water in one day. All you have to do is plug it in, and one gallon costs only 4 cents in electrical charges. An independent lab took samples of LeBleu’s water and found it had no bacteria and is free of metals. Lab techs say it’s similar to distilled water. Willie Nelson owns 50 of these machines, including an indoor version. Even Texas Governor Rick Perry owns one. But LeBleu wants his invention to benefit local farmers and ranchers. “It is good emergency water. Let’s say the power goes out of whatever. Once this thing fills up, it cuts off. It has a bubbler inside that keeps the water moving all the time,” LeBleu says. The machine is quieter than a refrigerator, and you only have to wash the filter every few years. Building one takes only two hours. The oldest model made is still up and running. It’s been functioning for a decade.