Falling house | 2018

‘FALLING HOUSE’ is an interactive installation, consisting of a continuous projection of a black and white image of a prairy with trees. The image is projected on either the wall of a building, or a specially designed LED-truck, in such a way that it resembles a Billboard. When a sensor is triggered by the movement of a person or a vehicle passing by (deliberate or accidental), a transformation takes place: A house suddenly crashes down in the field, only to disappear in a cloud of its own dust.

In our contemporary cityscapes teeming with commercialized and privatized messages, the work is blurring intimate space and blunt billboard ads, mixing the commercial space with personal poetics within the fabric of the city. The installation creates an interactive way of zapping through reality by juxtaposing and deliberately confusing reality with a memory of reality. Its poetics intervene unexpectedly, and they is triggered by the person that is walking past and looking at these images, thus acting as a metaphorical remote control unconsciously activated by the viewer passing by, creating a poetic portal in an ordinary urban context, disconnecting the viewer from trivial decoding of reality and provoking a dynamic thought process.

Whereas commercial billboards are designed to demand consumer attention in an unambiguous attempt of mind controlling perception, the art work appearing in the format of a billboard in public space encourages the viewer to open-mindedly re- evaluate his relationship to the urban landscape and daily reality around him.