c. Matthijs Vlot, Hello


Matthijs Vlot, Ant1mat3rie/ Mattie Harpes, USA
2012, 1 min 18 sec

Lionel Richie’s song, “Hello,” is the basis of the latest viral video making the rounds on the internet!The short video features clips of various films with actors speaking the lyrics of the song. The editing is genius, playing off of the awkward timing of Lionel Richie’s original music video. You’ll want to watch it more than once !!

1.ET 2.Bride o f Frankenstein 3.Braveheart 4.BeingJohnMalkovich 5.Back? to the future 6. Magnolia 7.ToyStory3? 8.Schindler’sList 9.JailhouseRock? 10.AnnieHall 11.TheBirds 12.Avatar 13.Lawrence of Arabia 14. Enter the Dragon 15. Big Lebowski 16. Airplane 17.NakedGun 18.Goldfinger 19. LA Confidential 20.Borat 21.YellowSubmarine 22.From Dusk till Dawn? 23.Back to the Future 24.TheMatrix 25.NakedGun 26.Singing in the Rain 27.PlanetOfTheApes 28. Goodfellas 29.Back to the Future 30.Ben Hur 31.Lethal Weapon. 32.Lawrence of Arabia 33.Easy Rider 34.Schindler’s list 35.Inception 36. Shaft 37.Rambo — First Blood 38. Shaft 39.A Few Good Men 40.Glengarry Glen Ross 41.Taxi Driver 42. Total Recall